What You Can Expect From BYP Editing 

Professionalismhonesty, and sensitivity to your work is what you can expect. Depend on us to work with you to bring out your true talent while hanging on to the core of your work and your distinctive voice.



    - Improve publication chances
    - Enhance marketability
    - We go that extra step to ensure your satisfaction 

We Edit Both Fiction & Nonfiction

     - Identify plot holes
    - Sharpen your dialogue making it realistic while checking for correct dialect
    - Identify and correct any pacing problems
    - Remove redundancies and overstating
    - Encourage "showing" versus "telling"
    - Strengthen conflict, action, believability, plot, and character development
    - Check for homophones, homonyms, and repetitive words


    - Structure and organization
    - Determine if charts or graphs will improve your book/article
    - Improve the marketability of your book
    - Fact check
    - Verify research and references

Editing Services

    This is a word for word check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structuring, chapter numbering, and consistency of facts.


Developmental/Content Editing
    This process checks for plot structure, believability, and story flow. Does your story have a clear beginning, middle, and ending? Do your characters have a clearly defined dilemma? Does your protagonist have growth by the end of the story? Is your story's timeline believable? Do you have characters with depth? Is the advice in your nonfiction complete and thorough? We will help you find ways to make it more relevant and current for today's market.


Comprehensive Editing
    Includes both developmental and copy editing. This is COMPLETE editing designed especially for the novice writer or first-time author. 



    This is a final read of the edited work before it goes to print (usually the typeset manuscript). After every other level of editing has taken place sometimes, because of changes that have been made, that final look is imperative. We strongly suggest that this phase of the editing not be skipped. 

Book Analysis/Manuscript Critique
    If you question whether your book or manuscript is ready for the next step, then you need this service. We will determine if your story or information is complete enough for editing and publishing. Maybe you need more facts and information for your nonfiction or more solid direction in the development of your story but you just don't know where the problem lies or how to progress. We will point out any major breakdowns and make suggestions to help you move forward with your book or project.


Editing Costs:

Content edits only: $4 per page.

Copyedits only: $4 per page.

Editing package (includes final proofread): $5.25 -$5.75 per page.

To determine editing costs for your work, please follow these guidelines: 

Place your manuscript in a Word Document with 1" margins, double-spaced, 12-point Arial or TNR font, with each new chapter starting on a new page, and then calculate the page count. Take the number of pages X $5.75 per page ($5.25 per page for 126 pp+) and this will give you an estimated cost to your editing fees. 


Calculations are approximate, please note that the final cost will ultimately be determined by BYP before the work begins. The price per page is $5.75 and has four(4) editor reads, including the final proofread. (If your work requires a "hard edit," the price per page will increase at $1.00 increments per page.)

There is a 50% deposit to begin the editing process on work $500+ and the balance due upon completion of the first read. Other payment arrangements can be made upon request. All work under $500 will be due in full upon the signing of the contract.

Articles-Letters-Term Papers-Book Proposals calculate at .15¢ per word. 


Book Formatting $5.75 per page (page count based on the manuscript).

Critique/Analysis is a flat fee of $350.00.

Proofread, calculated at $2.85 per page.

Package for self-published authors includes Comprehensive Editing (copy and developmental/content) and a FINAL PROOFREAD to get your book ready for the printer. Calculate at $5.30 per page based on the above guidelines to determine the page count of the original manuscript. This includes edit/proof of book cover text.


eBook Conversion


(Ask about discounts packaged with editing or typesetting services)

Additional fees may incur such as:

Proofreading (if this is not already included in the service package you choose).
Hard Edits will be determined prior to services beginning (this is for work demanding more editing attention than the standard manuscript).


Ask about the "return client" discount.


Payment is due in full when the contract is signed on projects $500 or less. On projects over $500, Option 1 and Option 2 can apply.

Option 1 – Standard Payment

50% of the total is due (along with the signed contract) as a deposit upon contract agreement. The final payment (balance) is due upon the completion of the work and before the final edits are turned over to the client.

Option 2 – Easy Payment

50% of the total is due (along with the signed contract) as a deposit. One-half of the remainder is due halfway through the editing process and the final payment (balance) is due upon the completion of the work and before the final edits are turned over to the client. 

Note: Proofreading and Critique/Analysis fees are both paid in advance and in full.

Sample Edit

To receive a FREE sample edit send us:
The first five (5) pages of your work double-spaced with 
1" margins typed in 12-point Arial or TNR font. 

In the body of your email please include:
Full Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Basic synopsis in 50 words or less
Publishing plans for this work

Email us at 
with SAMPLE EDIT in the subject line with your five pages attached in 1 Word document.

Please allow 72 hours.

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