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BeforeYouPublish - Book Press offers you comprehensive and professional services that are individually tailored to meet your needs. Place your trust in our reliable services and we will find the right solutions for you.

Services will be applied as needed, tailored to fit your created work.

An Overview 

BeforeYouPublish's Agents are highly-trained, experienced and dedicated to the success of our operations and your book. We hire the best agents in the business to perform services at the top level while negotiating fees to keep costs at a minimum for our clients.

  • Negotiate and hire agents to edit and typeset your book
  • Negotiate and hire a cover designer
  • Produce and publish your finished book
  • eBook conversion

Publishing Cost

Each project has different needs, requiring specifications pertaining only to that book. Because of this, sums will vary from client to client. However, the average cost ranges from $3000 - $3600 for the publishing package.


If you call or send an email, allowing us to discuss with you the needs for your book, we will put together a closely guarded estimate, doing our best to calculate an accurate dollar amount from the beginning to becoming published.


PLEASE, send a submission of your work by following the SUBMISSION GUIDELINES.



eBook Conversion


(Ask about discounts packaged with book editing or formatting services)

Ask about the "return client" discount.

Are you interested?

We would be happy to give you more details regarding our services. Please contact us at 1+972-338-5482. You can also email us at or use our contact form.

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