Books We've Published

The Promise by Renee Smith

This book of poetry was written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. These divine inspirations of encouragement and love are shared...

Wicked Charm by Kinsley Harris

Nicole, a seventeen-year-old girl, has two best friends she loves as sisters, is an only child, and approaching the first day of senior year. The only missing piece...

From Poverty to Principal by Annetha Jones 

From Poverty to Principal takes you on a journey from Annetha Jones's childhood to adulthood. She shares her strengths, vulnerabilities, and how life events...

Granny's Grand Life: Stories, Activities, and Journaling by Jeri "Missy" Battles

IGranny’s Grand Life chronicles dinners, sleepovers, outings, and baking with the author's grandsons. On this journey, she encourages other grandparents, whom she calls “grandsibs™,” to fully enjoy their grandchildren, making memories with them, and praying over them, all while strengthening their families.



                                          Life Is About the Dance by Lisa Brown Ross 

LIFE IS ABOUT THE DANCE reflects how we show up to life

and how GOD shows up with us, illustrating the twirls and

spins of our lives through poetry, inspirations...

Disjointed Custody by Brian W. Smith and Elaine Flowers 

Co-parenting is hard. When one parent suffers from mental illness, it’s harder. When the other parent is living with his gay lover—whom he left his wife to be with—it becomes close to impossible...

Equally Yoked by Tony & Brittany Ingram

Equally Yoked represents being on the same wave as your spouse, spiritually and physically. That includes living a healthy lifestyle. The word “equally” equates to...

So... How Was Your Date?   by Angela Germany & Elaine Flowers

An anthology of single men and women sharing their dating triumphs, failures, and challenges.

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